To rent a business jet means to get the flight to any distance with maximum comfort and safety without the need to stop doing business onboard. Using a private jet means organizing a flight according to individual demands and needs, without adjusting to the regular airlines’ requirements.


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Initially, a business jet represented a private jet, i.e., an administrative mode of transport that usually arranged flights for the government officials and company directors. Today, renting a private jet with a crew is available to any wealthy person accustomed to a high degree of comfort in everything.

This charter provides all the necessary conditions for doing business in the air. Business aviation has an air fleet with enhanced comfort cabins. From 6 to 20 people can fit in the plane without losing access to electronic communication tools, mobile phones, and the Internet during the flight.

аренда частного самолета Cessna Citation Latitude

Conveniences and advantages

Compared to the air fleet used for regular flights, business jets have a lower degree of wear and tear, which means that they’re more reliable for intercontinental routes. Renting a private jet has the following advantages:

  • possibility of individual schedule;
  • no restrictions on doing business onboard;
  • reduced waiting time;
  • only new and reliable jets;
  • possibility of renting an experienced crew with many flight hours on a specific type of jet.


Our company is ready to offer such service as a private jet rental with a crew for any distance. We offer you not just a comfortable and pleasant flight, but also a high level of service onboard, preparation of all necessary permits for departure and landing at airports all over the world. Business aviation allows you to forget about the flights in conditions of limited personal space, long lines, and waiting. Jet flights are always performed according to the wishes of our clients.

You can get the light jets intended for the short- and long-haul flights. Besides, we provide air delivery service on the special cargo planes. You can find out all information on our website or by calling the number indicated.



Для онлайн расчета стоимости перелета на частном самолете, заполните форму ниже.



Для аренды грузового самолета с экипажем заполните форму заполнив обязательные поля, помеченные звездочкой.



Для лежачих больных - санитарный самолет, если больной может передвигаться самостоятельно можно заказать обычный самолет с мед.бригадой.

The cost of private jet rental

The price comprises many factors: the size and type of the plane, the number of passengers, the flight distance, food and transfer preferences, the number of charter days between the flights, etc. We have collected average prices that can give you a general idea of future expenses. Our manager will send you the exact price within 20-30 minutes after your application!

Below you can find an average rental price of one hour of business jet flight based on the class and capacity of the model:

  1. 1. Large private jets (Legacy 600, etc.)- 5700 – 6900 €;
  2. 2. Light jets- 2400 – 4000 €;
  3. 3. Business jets- 11 800 € – 20 000 €;
  4. 4. Upper-middle-class business jets (Challenger 300, etc.)- 5200 – 7500 €;
  5. 5. Small flights- 1500 – 3000 €;
  6. 6. Long-haul business jets (Global 5000, Falcon 7X, Gulfstream G550, etc.)- 6400 – 11500 €;
  7. 7. Medium-haul models (Cessna Citation XLS+, Hawker 800XP, etc.)- 3300 – 5000 €;
  8. 8. Turboprops- 1000 € – 3000 €;


We also offer the approximate prices for popular destinations:

  • Moscow – Berlin – CITATION XLS+ – €18300 for 4 passengers;
  • Moscow – Vienna – Moscow – CHALLENGER 300 – €28 000 for 2 passengers;
  • Moscow – Sochi – Moscow – HAWKER 750 – €20 000 for 5 passengers;
  • Moscow – Milan – Moscow – GULFSTREAM G150 – €37 000 for 3 passengers;
  • Moscow – Riga –HAWKER 850 – € 14 000 for 2 passengers;
  • Moscow – Nice –CESSNA XLS – €21 000 for 3 passengers;
  • Moscow – Barcelona –CHALLENGER 300 – €16 000 for 2 passengers;


The listed flights depart from the VIP terminal “Vnukovo-3”, but we can also arrange flights from “Sheremetyevo”, “Domodedovo”, “Ostafyevo”, “Bykovo”, “Pulkovo-3” and other airports. By the end of the year, an online calculator will be available on the website, which will help you make quick calculations for any direction.

More than 4800 aircraft ready to take off

Turnkey solution

Renting a private jet with our company’s help implies the provision of the largest possible list of services for the organization and implementation of flights. Choosing our turnkey solutions allows you to forget about all the inconveniences associated with the flight delays, changes in departure or arrival airports, and restrictions on behavior onboard. Ordering a private jet service from us, you will get:

  • Fast solution for any transport problem based on your demands and needs;
  • A wide range of reliable and safe jets based on the number of potential passengers and the necessary degree of comfort;
  • Experienced and polite crew;
  • Full confidentiality of information about the flights;
  • Flexible flight schedule;
  • Organization of flights to any distance.


Turnkey business jet rental includes the preparation and implementation of flight and the provision of many extra services: VIP taxi to the airport and your destination address, a wide selection of hotels, free Internet access, and high-quality meals onboard at your request. Our company values its authority and the private life of its customers. By using our services, you will get the full anonymity and comfort of the elite class.

Elite models

The main difference between VIP aviation and the regular private jet charter is the high level of onboard service and premium plane models. This service is designed for a narrow circle of potential clients who are used to feeling superior in everything. With the help of our company, you can arrange a flight on an individual route with the possibility of changing the time and conditions of departure. You will obtain a premium restaurant service on board with a wide variety of alcoholic drinks and check-in at the airport’s VIP terminal.

The cost of private jet rental in our company depends on the type of jet, crew, route range, category of service, and other factors.

The turnkey solution’s purchase allows you to use your financial resources wisely to carry out a flight, important for your business. Don’t save on your time and status, especially when it comes to safety and comfort. Trust the professionals and move to any part of the world easily without abandoning your business or worrying about the protection of your personal information.

фото Embraer Phenom 300

Catalog of business jets

Due to the flexible system of interaction with aviation brokers and aircraft owners, we have significantly expanded the range of planes used for flights to Berlin. At the moment, there are approximately 4800 options from such manufacturers as:

  • Airbus – over 120 models;
  • Beechcraft – 85 models;
  • Boeing – approximately 90 models;
  • Bombardier – 170 models;
  • Britten-Norman – 64 models;
  • Cessna – about 164 models;
  • Dassault – 204 models;
  • Embraer – about 135 models;
  • Gulfstream – over 200 models;
  • Hawker – 180 models;
  • HondaJet – about 110 models;
  • Learjet – approximately 60 models;
  • Nextan – 45 models;
  • Piaggio – 9 models;
  • Pilatus – approximately 15 models;
  • Piper – 76 models;


For clarification of the information on the jet of your choice, please call us at the numbers listed above. We will be glad to help you.

Popular questions

The price of renting a private jet depends directly on many parameters, such as the plane’s model and capacity, the range and complexity of the route, the number of passengers, airport tax, insurance, availability and number of crew, and meals onboard, etc.

In order to quickly find out the price of a flight on the desired route, just leave a request on the website or call us at the above numbers. The manager will contact you within 5 minutes. He will clarify all the necessary information and then offer you a full calculation with all possible options (this process usually takes about 30-40 minutes). We work with strictly agreed amounts- you will always know how much you have to pay in advance.

We try to be as flexible as possible and are always ready to adjust to you. You can pay for the flights in cash or by card. We guarantee the security and privacy of your payments. We work with both individuals and legal entities. Our personal consultant will answer all your questions and help you choose the best payment option.

Our main goal is to create perfect flight conditions and build long-term cooperation with you. Therefore, we always try to find the most profitable options. You can also use the return flights search service “Empty legs”, which can help you save a lot on the flight without compromising the quality of service. To see all the current offers on “Empty Legs”, just leave a request on the website indicating that you’re interested in the return flights. Our consultant will explain to you all the nuances and find the best flight for you.

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